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How to realize the specialization of stadium lighting

Russia's World Cup was frequently upset, Spain and Portugal were tied by Iran and Morocco, Russia lost miserably to Uruguay, and Poland became the first seeded team out of the group. The most obvious label of this world cup is whether the strong team is strong or not! After 85 minutes, there were frequent winners, which also made the game more exciting. The fans "lit" the stadium with passion, so that everyone could feel the most professional football atmosphere

this world cup in Russia, no matter from what point of view, is relatively successful, with few miscalculations, fair competition, and complete facilities, "he explained! After the video referee was put into use, there were new requirements for the shooting and lighting of the game. Do you know the lighting layout of the stadium? Don't worry and listen to me carefully

stadium lighting light band layout

light band layout is another form of layout on both sides, that is, lamps are arranged in rows on both sides of the stadium to form a continuous light band lighting system. The light band lighting is uniform, and the brightness between athletes and the stadium is relatively good. At present, it is recognized in the world that this lighting method can meet the requirements of color TV broadcasting, HD TV broadcasting and even Ultra HD TV broadcasting

the length of the light band should exceed the goal line by more than 10m. For class A and super class stadiums, the length of the light band is generally not less than 180m, and the projection angle of the lamps should not be less than 25 °. Grade 3 reinforcement (above HRB400) is also ribbed reinforcement. In some stadiums, the light band lighting is very close to the sideline of the site (its included angle is more than 65 °), and the side of the site close to the light band cannot obtain sufficient vertical illumination, so it is necessary to increase the rear lighting system

stadium lighting standard

FIFA International Sports Federation in February is a major obstacle to achieving healthy and sustainable development. In 2011, it issued a new version of the "stadium" standard. The stadium lighting increased the area where lamps cannot be arranged, in order to ensure that athletes and referees avoid the impact of glare

first, take the midpoint of the baseline as the center, and when there is TV broadcasting, the space within 15 ° angles on both sides of the baseline; When there is no TV broadcast, the space within the range of 10 ° on both sides of the baseline

secondly, in the space behind the goal at an elevation of 25 ° in the center of the field

third, based on the baseline, the space enclosed by the 75 ° elevation outside the restricted area and the 20 ° angle of the outward extension line of the short side of the restricted area, except for some specific areas. Of course, the layout of lamps and lanterns in comprehensive stadiums is not subject to this restriction, but these restricted areas cannot be turned on in sports mode

in general, the strip layout usually adopts the combination projection of several projection lamps with different beam angles. The narrow beam is used for long-range projection, and the medium beam is used for short-range projection. The disadvantages of the light band layout are: the technology of glare control is relatively strict, and the sense of entity of the object is slightly poor

selection of stadium lighting lamps

in today's stadium lighting, led appears more in the venues, and as a key member of the LED sports lighting field to improve production efficiency, China Beidou star plays a greater role in the stadium! The characteristics of the lighting of the Chinese Big Dipper stadium are: 1 Green energy conservation, low carbon and environmental protection; 2. High cost performance and low maintenance cost; 3. Instant switch start, easy to use; 4. High anti glare, less light overflow, and reduce environmental pollution. And these characteristics of the Chinese Big Dipper just can realize the professional lighting of the stadium

China is moving forward from a big sports country to a powerful sports country. In this process, what needs to be improved is not only our sports level, but also the quality of the venue and the professionalism of lighting. Only from the perspective of keeping up with the world's advanced level in many aspects, can China's powerful sports country have the hope of realizing it. Let's witness the take-off of China's sports together

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