How to realize package serialization

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How to realize packaging serialization

serialization packaging is a more common and popular form in modern packaging design. It is a unified design based on a common feature of different kinds of products of an enterprise or a trademark and brand name. It can be designed uniformly with special packaging modeling features, shapes, tones, patterns, logos, etc., forming a unified visual image. The advantages of this design are: there are not only diverse beauty of change, but also unified beauty of the whole; Strong display effect on shelves; Easy to recognize and remember; It can also shorten the design cycle, facilitate the development and design of new varieties of goods, and facilitate plate making and printing; Enhance the effect of advertising, strengthen the impression of consumers, expand its potential market influence, and establish famous brand products. How to realize the serialization of packaging, the specific implementation is as follows: (Figure 7, 8)

1. Unified brand name

brand name is the last name of the product. Unified brand name is the most basic and commonly used method of product packaging serialization. The unified brand name of various products operated by the enterprise is formed into serialization, so as to compete for the market and expand sales

2. Unified trademark

trademark is the image of enterprises and manufacturers. It is an ideal test equipment for scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision, commodity inspection and arbitration departments. Trademark images constantly appear on the packaging, so as to form the packaging serialization of unified trademark, which is conducive to identifying and creating famous brands and improving market competitiveness

3. Unified decoration

although the products are diverse and the modeling structures are different, we can apply unified decoration and unified composition to form serialization while unifying the brand name and trademark. For example, unified style pictures, unified style decoration and splicing pictures produce a variety of unified and serialized packaging effects with a sense of rhythm and rhythmic beauty

4. Unified modeling

according to the complex modeling structure and the formation of serialization, the method is to consider the unification of the basic shape and its characteristics. For example, if there are bottles of bottled products, 2. Hold the left and right eyepiece seat rotation axes and rotate them to adjust the distance between the eyes, so that the modeling features can be unified on the bottle cap; Some bottles are different in size and height, which can uniformly emphasize some modeling and decorative features. When the modeling structure and decoration are unified, different varieties can be marked on the decoration screen, or different varieties can be distinguished with different colors, so as to achieve the same style and form a series of packaging

5. Unified text

unified text font is also an important aspect of packaging serialization. In packaging and decoration design, font arrangement plays a great role, and font unification alone can also achieve serialization effect

6. unified tone

according to different categories and characteristics of products, a color tone is determined as the main tone color of serialized packaging, so that customers can directly identify what kind of products it is from the color alone

7. Unified packaging and serialization of users

products are divided into different series according to different users, so as to facilitate different consumers to use different products. For example, children's cosmetics series, women's cosmetics series, men's cosmetics series, etc., design series packaging with different object characteristics

8. Package serialization

in the form of similar varieties of goods into a group, all kinds of small tools, supplies and food for the same purpose are packaged into boxes, bags and bags, so that each load can only reach a certain load to form serialization, which is not only convenient for customers, but also conducive to expanding sales

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