DSM plans to start producing adipic acid products

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DSM plans to start producing adipic acid products in the next five years

it is reported that DSM, headquartered in the Netherlands, plans to enter the global adipic acid market with a market value of US $5billion (about 3.7 billion euros), and plans to produce adipic acid products with bio based raw materials in the next five years. It is reported that DSM's bio based chemicals catalogue also includes succinic acid. DSM is the world's leading producer of polyamide 6 and the largest supplier of caprolactam, a precursor of polyamide 6

DSM is looking for commercial production of bio adipic acid products with several partners in the relevant value chain. At present, about 60% of the global adipic acid demand of 2.5 million tons/year is used for the production and consumption of polyamide 6,6 (nylon, its operation and experimental method is differentiated 6,6), and about 25% is used for the production of polyester polyols. DSM related people said that the number of 5.16 fatigue test channels: 5 diacids can further strengthen DSM's position in high-performance materials. The traditional adipic acid production process uses cyclohexane as raw material. The industry has been working hard to find new processes and technologies to reduce its carbon footprint

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