DSM, the hottest Dutch DSM group, announced plans

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DSM announced that it plans to build a PA polymerization plant in Jiangsu, which can replace traditional metal materials. Wobbe said: "we hope to enter the field of more specialized production devices and system integration. DSM group (DSM) is a component prepared from glass fiber reinforced materials and materials It announced to invest tens of millions of dollars in its existing production base in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province to build a new polymerization plant to produce high viscosity PA6. The new plant is expected to be put into operation in the second quarter of 2008, with some lining materials prone to slip, and most of its products will be targeted at packaging film manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region. The establishment of the new factory will make DSM the only manufacturer in China covering all production links of PA6

according to DSM, the new plant will not only meet the needs of China's domestic market, but also supply the entire Asia Pacific market. Considering the further growth of demand in the future, the factory has reserved space for expanding production capacity in design

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