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Du Jianhua, chairman of Shanmei, was investigated. Laymen repeatedly received high-speed rail orders

China business on the afternoon of June 24, the last day of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. At No. 115, Changfeng street, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, the office building of Shanxi coal import and Export Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanxi Coal Group") is crowded

in the well decorated hall, only two security guards sat in the registration office, staring at the empty glass door. As soon as a stranger enters, the two quickly get up and ask each other if they have an appointment. If not, they will not be received

yesterday afternoon, it was confirmed from insiders of Shanxi provincial SASAC and Shanmei group that Du Jianhua, chairman of Shanmei group and chairman of Shanmei International Energy Group (hereinafter referred to as "Shanmei international"), was taken away by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in the morning of June 20 to assist in the investigation. The next morning, Shanxi provincial SASAC sent personnel to Shanmei group to announce that Du Jianhua was removed from the post of chairman and replaced by Guo Hai, general manager of the group

Before being taken away, calm

Shanmei group is under the jurisdiction of Shanxi provincial SASAC and is the parent company of Shanmei international

Du Jianhua, born in September 1960, graduated as an on-the-job graduate student and a senior accountant. He has successively served as the deputy chief of the finance department, deputy director of the finance department, manager of the finance department, manager of Shanxi Hongxin Coking Co., Ltd. and director of Hongxin coking plant, manager of Jincheng company and Secretary of the Party branch, assistant to the general manager and director of the Finance Department of Shanxi coal group, chief accountant and chairman of Zhibo transportation equipment (Sino foreign joint venture) Co., Ltd. before being taken away to assist in the investigation, he served as the chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of Shanxi coal group

according to insiders of the company, Du Jianhua was extremely calm when he was taken away on June 20. In the morning of that day, Du Jianhua came to the office very early, and even straightened his belongings on the desk himself. When he was taken away by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, he did not make any resistance

6 pick it up 1 look, the screen is broken! On the morning of June 2 and 21, the British Daily Mail reported that the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Shanxi Province sent personnel to the company, convened a brief meeting of the team members, and announced the decision to remove Du Jianhua from the post of chairman of the board of directors, temporarily replaced by Guo Hai, the general manager of the group. The news began to circulate on the morning of the 22nd after being blocked for two days

yesterday morning, when seeking confirmation from the Information Office of the group on this matter, the staff said that this matter was sensitive and should be responded with the consent of the leaders of the president's office and the general affairs office, and said that the company had no unified statement at present

learned that Du Jianhua has been working normally in the company recently, and most of the company's employees were surprised that he was taken away

however, according to people familiar with the matter, Du Jianhua's being taken away for investigation was not unexpected. According to his introduction, since the end of 2011, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has investigated Du Jianhua several times

a few months ago, Shanxi coal group also specially convened local media in Shanxi to make a substantial interview and report on Du Jianhua and the development process of the company in recent years

assist in the investigation of Ding Shumiao case

according to informed sources, Du Jianhua was taken away and was rumored to assist in the investigation of Ding Shumiao case. Ding Shumiao, a wealthy female businessman in Shanxi, was investigated for her involvement in Liu Zhijun, former Minister of the Ministry of railways

Shanshan coal group was founded in 1980. At first, it was just a simple coal trading company. In June, 2003, with the approval of Shanxi provincial government, Shanxi coal group obtained the management right of domestic coal sales business, and became the only large state-owned enterprise in Shanxi Province with two major channels of export and domestic sales. Previously, the main business of Shanshan coal group was to organize the supply of local coal mines in the province for coal export trade. It was one of the four export enterprises with the right to deal in coal export in China

however, after 2006, Shanshan coal group began to set foot in high-speed rail and gradually became a monopoly in the domestic high-speed wheelset market. At that time, China's high-speed railway has begun large-scale planning and construction, but there is no mature wheel set production technology in China, and the relevant products can only be provided by foreign manufacturers

at that time, many companies tried to enter the high-speed wheelset market, but in the end, "layman" Shanmei got a big order from the Ministry of Railways without any core technology, which also caused a lot of criticism at that time. According to Shanmei's own public statement, "through various efforts", it finally got the project

in Shanmei people's own view, to win in this fierce competition, the bottom card is nothing more than Shanxi's heavy industrial environment. Taizhong is the largest heavy machinery manufacturer in China, Jinji is the best hollow shaft manufacturer, TISCO is the largest special stainless steel manufacturer in China, and Shanmei is the largest foreign trade enterprise in the province. But we must meet the requirements of green packaging: reduce waste pollution; Solve the environmental protection problems of solvents; With these advantages alone, it is undoubtedly very difficult to win in the highly professional wheelset production

the shortcut for Shanshan coal group is to cooperate with Ding Shumiao. In 2006, Shan Coal Group, Boyou group under Ding Shumiao and Zhongchang investment under Boyou group jointly funded and established Zhibo transportation equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhibo")

on March 9, 2007, Zhibo signed the wheelset technology license contract with Luchini company of Italy (hereinafter referred to as "Luchini"); On June 1st, 2007, the two sides signed the "joint venture business contract" in Taiyuan. On October 15, 2007, Zhiqi, the joint venture of both parties, was officially registered

the total investment of Zhiqi is 400million yuan, and the registered capital is 150million yuan. Zhibo accounts for 75% of the shares, and Lu Qini accounts for 25% of the shares

before cooperating with Luchini, the Ministry of Railways of China, Shanmei group and Bohong Transportation Technology Co., Ltd. of Germany signed the framework agreement on technical cooperation of Railway Bullet train wheelsets. However, in order to occupy the high-speed wheelset market faster, Zhibo chose Luchini, which has a positive attitude and has opened the Chinese market

at the end of April 2008, Zhiqi wheelset assembly achieved successful trial production; In September, the axis finishing production was successful; In December, the wheel line finishing production was successful

on February 28, 2009, China's first high-speed EMU wheelset production line was put into operation in Zhiqi factory. At the launch ceremony, Zhiqi signed a procurement contract and a letter of intent of 2 billion yuan for 330 EMUs and 10560 wheel sets

shell purchase and listing

the total assets of Shanshan coal were more than 4 billion yuan in 2008 and more than 54 billion yuan in 2011. The growth rate is amazing

after a series of dazzling actions, such as the listing of enterprises, the launching of wheelsets, the integration of resources, and the entry of fleets into the sea, Shanshan coal seems to be a model for the diversified development of Shanxi coal enterprises

behind almost every measure, there is Du Jianhua

among them, the successful backdoor listing of Shanmei international has become a typical case of mergers and acquisitions in the industry due to its ultra-low price acquisition, complex operation process, the fastest speed and other characteristics

at the end of 2007, Du Jianhua put forward the idea of listing and held a system wide mobilization meeting, but then the financial crisis broke out and the stock price fell sharply. Du Jianhua immediately adjusted the listing path, changed the initial public offering into backdoor, and quickly found a nearly perfect shell among many listed companies - PetroChina chemical construction

in October 2008, Du Jianhua began to contact PetroChina chemical construction. After more than a month of operation, Shuang Yi signed a share transfer agreement, and the purchase price was set at the lowest level in recent years. In just one year, the asset restructuring has been fully completed, and "PetroChina chemical construction" has changed its name to "Shanmei international", becoming the first coal enterprise listed as a whole in China and the first enterprise successfully acquired by comprehensive tender offer in China

at that time, whenever Shanxi Province held meetings related to economic and capital operation, the successful backdoor listing materials of Shanmei International were always placed in a prominent place in the meeting materials

subsequently, Shanxi Coal Group refinanced with the largest amount in Shanxi Province. At the end of October 2010, the fund company controlled by Shandong coal group was established. In April, 2011, it signed a shareholding agreement with Datong and Changzhi commercial banks to enter the banking industry

"among the three sectors, coal production and marketing is the traditional energy industry, high-speed rail wheelsets are the emerging manufacturing industry, and financial investment is the modern service industry. These three have achieved the effective combination of trade capital, industrial capital and financial capital." Du Jianhua once explained the diversified development of Shanshan coal to the media

according to Du Jianhua's assumption, Shanmei will borrow the business model of supermarket to build a Wal Mart in the coal industry. But such a vision will be left to the successor to realize

the joint venture between Shanmei group and Ding Shumiao monopolized the high-speed rail wheelset market

a joint venture that was established only five years ago monopolized the wheelset market of China's high-speed rail as soon as it appeared. For this company's mythical history of prosperity, insiders said that it all depended on "the son depends on the mother". The "mother" was Ding Shumiao, a key figure involved in the case of former Minister of Railways Liu Zhijun

in 2006, according to the approval of the Ministry of railways, Shanxi coal import and Export Group, Boyou group and Zhongchang investment under Boyou group jointly funded the establishment of Zhibo transportation equipment Co., Ltd. Ding Shumiao is the actual controller of Boyou group

in October 2007, Zhibo company and Italian Luchini steel machinery company established a joint venture Zhiqi Railway Equipment Co., Ltd. to establish a production and maintenance base for high-speed EMU wheelsets. Among them, Zhibo company accounts for 75% and the foreign party accounts for 25%. The relevant person in charge of Zhiqi once disclosed in public that since the establishment of the company, its production line has been operating at full capacity, with an endless stream of orders, and nearly 7billion yuan of sales orders have been signed within 10 months

up to now, the myth of Zhiqi continues. "It can be said that people who sit on the high-speed rail have used Zhiqi's products." Yesterday, a person engaged in the development of EMUs told this newspaper that Zhiqi wheelsets occupy an absolute monopoly position in China's high-speed rail, and its market share is generally considered to be 60%, but as far as he knows, it was close to 80% at its peak. Its products are used in high-speed railway lines such as Beijing Tianjin Intercity Railway, Wuhan Guangzhou high-speed railway, Zhengzhou Xi'an Passenger Dedicated Railway, Shanghai Nanjing intercity railway and Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway. However, with the fall of a series of officials such as Liu Zhijun and Zhiqi's involvement in the storm of unclear grain on the axle of the bullet train last year, its monopoly position has loosened, but it is still a dominant company in China, and no one can match it

"although we know that Zhiqi has a tough background, it's puzzling to let inexperienced Shanmei and Boyou do the wheelset. We were all sweating at that time." The technician said that the wheel set is one of the nine key technical components of the EMU, and its quality is directly related to the safety of the EMU. At the same time, the wheel set is a consumable, which needs to be returned to the factory for maintenance every 1.2 million kilometers of operation, and needs to be replaced every 2.4 million kilometers of operation (about 2.5 years). Therefore, who can become the supplier of the EMU wheel set means that there will be no worries about livelihood in the future

it was learned from a former official of the Ministry of railways that before Zhiqi was put into production, Chinese wheelsets were almost imported. In the early stage, it was all imported, and later it was to buy parts for domestic assembly. For a long time, many manufacturers participated in the R & D competition of this product, but as soon as Zhiqi appeared, it almost monopolized the whole market with a "hand picked" attitude

among the competing manufacturers, Ma'anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is one. This old manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience in the production of wheelsets has provided wheels for 90% of passenger cars and 60% of freight cars in China. After the rise of high-speed rail, they worked with the railway department

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