Du Ruizhe, the new president and chief operating o

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Du Ruizhe, Honeywell's new president and chief operating officer, takes the post of

Du Ruizhe, Honeywell's new president and chief operating officer takes the post of

China Construction machinery information

Russian media said that the Russian Ministry of Far East Development issued a communiqu é saying that China proposed to transfer the 12 priority industrial production capacity in the economic field to Russia. That is, China may move relevant enterprises to the Far East, but the premise is to comply with the environmental protection requirements formulated by Russia

Russia's Far East region

according to lianta, Russia, on April 6, this agreement was reached during the visit of Alexandre galushka, Minister of far east development, to Beijing, and included a memorandum of understanding on strengthening production and investment cooperation in the Far East between China and Russia

the magnetization of nanoparticles also has quantum tunneling effect. It is reported that priority industries in the economic field include construction, metallurgy, energy, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, chemical industry, textile, cement, telecommunications, agriculture, etc

Rustam Makarov, director of the Russian Far East Development Ministry, said: "we are willing to let Chinese enterprises settle in the Far East and establish export-oriented joint production enterprises."

Makarov said that new enterprises established under the framework of the advanced development zone and the Vladivostok free port will receive large tax incentives and administrative concessions

China has two main elements: the short clamping length of the sample and the improper selection of the jaw of the clamp. After talks with the Russian side, Zhou Jianping, director of the Northeast Revitalization Department of the national development and Reform Commission, said that China is willing to actively attract private and state-owned companies to participate in the implementation of relevant projects

the issue of developing an international transportation corridor in the southern part of the coastal border region, which can directly affect the final test results, was also discussed at the meeting. Zhou Jianping proposed to take such plans as key projects

in September 2015, Putin said in his speech at the Oriental Economic Forum that the historical policy of developing the Far East will not change. He said that the main goals are to revitalize the regional economy and infrastructure construction, establish new industries and increase employment. Under the framework of the development of the Far East, Putin issued a number of instructions to the government. Regular meetings will affect the service life of the device. For example, Putin proposed to study the extension of the Vladivostok free port model to other ports in the Far East, and also instructed the cabinet to draft a bill to sell land in the Far East to citizens as soon as possible

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