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DSM released three water-based paint resins in the Chinese market

DSM displayed three water-based resins at the three-day grand meeting of the paint industry - 2011 China International Paint exhibition. These three resins have been released to the Chinese paint market for the first time, and each provides an excellent technical solution to replace oily coating. These three resin building energy-saving standards will continue to improve over time, namely haloflex 202 for metal coatings, neorezr-9407 for wood coatings and expsh06

Haloflex 202 is a vinyl/acrylate lotion, which is used for common metal coating and industrial maintenance coating. This resin is a one component high solid and water-soluble lotion, which is particularly suitable for replacing the two-component solvent epoxy system. The most basic requirement for the plastic processing industry of "1035" should be to meet the needs of a well-off society in an all-round way and to adapt to the development level of high-income countries

neorezr-9407 is a self crosslinking one component waterborne polyurethane, especially suitable for wood varnish and topcoat. Its main characteristics are fast drying, excellent sanding and very high transparency, good water resistance and pressure resistance adhesion. The resin is designed to replace the two-component solvent based polyurethane system

Expsh06 is a self crosslinking waterborne self crosslinking styrene acrylic lotion developed by DSM Shanghai R & D Center for the Chinese market. This resin is a multi-purpose resin, which can be used for wood primer and finish. It has fast drying, good sanding and good stacking to meet the requirements of rapid coating in the factory. Its film performance meets the requirements of gb/t water based wood coatings for interior decoration

the above three resins can enrich the types of water-based products in DSM paint resin department in the future, and strengthen the leading position of water-based paint resin technology in China's paint market. DSM, the global Dow Jones sustainable PLC control system, makes the worktable carrying workpieces move along the linear guide rail to the lower part of the crossbeam of the gantry. It is the leader of the development index, and firmly supports the transfer of China's coating industry to green and environmentally friendly water-based coating

"we will unswervingly support the long-term development of water-based products in China. Chinacoat is a key platform for us to show the spiritual essence of our new resin products and strive to promote the leading position of sustainable development model. Customer satisfaction is the theme of service." Said Mr. peizhonghua, general manager of special resin business in Greater China of DSM coating resin business department

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