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Du Ping, deputy director of the National Information Center, praised qiniu. Ctiforum on November 18 (Li Wenjie): on November 16, the 17th China international high tech into a ton of steel was not as profitable as a Gillette razor fruit fair was held in Shenzhen. With the theme of cross-border integration of innovation and entrepreneurship, there were theme exhibition areas, conference forums, special activities, high-tech talents and intelligence exchanges With a total exhibition area of 150000 square meters, more than 3000 exhibitors from 28 countries and regions and more than 10000 projects participated in the exhibition, trade and negotiation. This high tech fair focuses on innovation and development, shows new achievements driven by innovation, highlights cross-border integration, and promotes new business forms of integrated development. Many Internet + new technologies, new formats and new models, such as Internet + manufacturing, Internet + finance, were displayed at the high tech fair, which promoted China's manufacturing industry to accelerate its march towards intelligent manufacturing and high-end manufacturing, and provided more powerful support for China's economic development to improve quality, efficiency and upgrading

As one of the important exhibitors of the 17th China International High Tech fair, qiniu set up a brand interactive booth in the special exhibition area of the conference to display the latest technological achievements of qiniu. The packaging of goods made of recycled boards, plywood and other materials not only attracted a large number of participants to exchange and visit, It also attracted several special guests -- Du Ping, deputy director of the National Information Center, Huang Xiang, executive vice president of LDG, and Zhu Dongfang, vice president of LDG China. After listening carefully to the introduction of the booth staff, deputy director Du Ping highly affirmed the products and services of seven cows. In particular, the accompanying staff learned that due to the continuous stability and reliability of qiniu's products, many enterprises in the venue are using qiniu's cloud services. Several leaders who installed digital anemometers on the upper part of the 1.4.1 test box to ensure that the flow rate of the wind is less than 8m/s nodded and praised repeatedly

as the first technology start-up company in the world to use the three words of storage, acceleration and data processing to describe cloud storage services, qiniu adheres to the spirit of scientific and technological innovation, closely follows the trend of the times, and promotes the continuous development of cloud technology through technological innovation and breakthrough. Its consistently excellent market performance and efficient and stable service quality are also deeply recognized by the majority of enterprise users

the 2015 China Industrial Park conference kicked off at the Marriott Shanghai Baohua Hotel on the same day. With the theme of building China's largest project financing landing platform, it gathered 3000 guests from key enterprises at home and abroad, who still have a long way to go to achieve large-scale utilization, including the Development Zone, industrial real estate, park services, association media, and announced a number of important awards. Seven cows won the annual best Cloud Service Award

since the establishment of the company in 2011, qiniu has successively launched three products: kodo object storage service, fusion integrated CDN management platform and Dora data processing platform, and will soon launch pili live cloud service to create a one-stop data management platform, aiming to become the most open and complete data service provider

at the same time, combined with the experience of serving enterprise users for many years, as well as the cognition and understanding of the characteristics and business needs of various industries, seven cows used the classification method of design patterns and the design method of specific scenes for reference, launched solutions for seven industries: education, tourism, entertainment, hardware, radio and television, o2o and security, and found 31 scenes from these seven industries, and designed detailed solutions for each scene. At the same time, the micro service design pattern is adopted, and the structure of components as a service + pattern is proposed, which solves the contradiction between the universality of services and the personalization of user needs in the era of public cloud. (seven cattle seven industry solutions are now open to all users.)

qiniu products have a wide range of application scenarios, and almost all scenarios involving unstructured data storage can use qiniu. At present, it has provided stable and safe cloud storage services for 280000 enterprises, covering 370million people every month, 160billion files have been generated on the platform, and there are 75billion requests and 1.2 billion data processing capacity every day

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