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Du Kang, chairman of Jiangsu Bihai Safety Glass Co., Ltd., is a guest of transcendence

recently, Du Kang, chairman of Jiangsu Bihai safety glass technology Co., Ltd., was a guest of transcendence

guest of this dialogue: Du Kang, chairman of Jiangsu Bihai safety glass technology Co., Ltd. At that time, he was a member of the CPPCC of Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, a member of the CPPCC of Anyi County, Jiangxi Province, the executive vice president of Jiangxi chamber of Commerce in Jiangsu Province, and the president of the Jiangxi chamber of Commerce in Suzhou. He was the first entrepreneurial star in Anyi County, Jiangxi Province. He was awarded the titles of "2013 top ten economic figures of entrepreneurship in Suzhou", "100 outstanding management and innovation figures in China" and "people dedicated to China's economic construction", He was also listed as one of the "top ten businessmen who invested in Jiangsu in the leading session (2015)", and his advanced personal deeds were also published in many publications, such as "Chinese power · style of 100 entrepreneurs" edited by China report magazine, and "brilliant life shines on China" titled by Zhou Tienong

Founded in 2005, Bihai enterprise is a glass industry chain company integrating original film wholesale, fine and deep processing, logistics and transportation, decoration design and installation services. The enterprise always adheres to the purpose of "quality comes from management, efficiency is based on integrity" in operation, wins with quality, and establishes the factory with faith; In terms of management, give full play to the data support role of the integrated information system, and on the whole, realize daily accounting, daily analysis, daily summary and daily improvement for all kinds of data. The two brands of "Bihai" and "maihaosi" under the company integrate safety glass and door and window products, gradually realize the national chain of factories and stores, and provide customers with one-stop services from design to installation of doors and windows, sunshine room, shower room and supporting glass products, which can fully meet the needs of personalized customization. Zhangbaiheng, executive vice president and Secretary General of China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association, once wrote a book for Bihai enterprises "to create a new chain model with higher industrial effectiveness and speed up the integration and development of the glass industry"

"wind and rain entrepreneurial road, ten years grinding a sword". Since its inception, Bihai has been committed to laying the foundation for innovative models. To meet the needs of end users and win the recognition and trust of customers with differentiated market positioning, diversified product structure, personalized private customization and perfect after-sales service; Build a cloud platform with a customized integrated information system, master big data, trace and analyze on this basis, and realize remote control of chain factories; With the "amoeba" management mode, real-time piece counting and loss to people to improve work efficiency; To ensure product quality and reduce all kinds of costs with unified implementation standards and layer by layer process control; From raw material wholesale to terminal services, the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain are closely connected It has made full preparations for the replication of model management and chain operation. The enterprise has been listed in the "top 30 glass processing enterprises in China" for two consecutive times, becoming a large glass processing enterprise with scattered (non-standard) orders in China, and is preparing to be listed on the new third board

in the future, Bihai enterprises will take the innovative mode as the basis for development, take the deep processing of glass as the main line, continuously connect the relevant supporting industries, and continuously extend the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to form the whole industrial chain of the glass industry from seeds to steamed bread; Set up chain factories and chain stores in multiple locations across the country in a replicable operation and management mode; To deal with: replace the sensor again, reset the cross and diverse marketing service mode of the testing machine, win the trust of end users, grasp the initiative of the market, so as to truly realize the strategic policy of "interconnection, online and offline, physical industry, self production and self marketing", and truly become a "integration, glass, doors and windows, supporting, design, installation, industrial chain service provider"

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