DSM launched a new product of weather resistant po

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DSM launched a new product of weather resistant polyamide 6, which is applied to the production of auto parts

auto parts. The cost of painting process is high, and it will have a negative impact on the ecological environment. DSM recently launched two new akulon polyamide 6 UV resistant grade new materials, which will help to solve this problem

DSM's new materials this time have high strength and stiffness, and can obtain lasting and excellent surface finish without painting steps, which can provide good appearance effects for automotive exterior trim parts. One of the materials is the product designed for the external rearview mirror base. The glass has a very high filling degree (the fiber content reaches 50%), which has excellent product appearance and good UV resistance stability. Another material is the product developed for the door handle, which contains 30% glass. Improper use will cause the final sample to break at the fixture, resulting in experimental failure. Glass fiber reinforced materials are especially suitable for parts produced by gas assisted injection molding technology

note: in this reprint, several experimental films are used as a continuation of a batch of experiments. When querying the overall strength deviation of a batch of experimental films and calculating the disposal volume, 2 is indicated The reasons for common errors and the elimination methods are reproduced for the purpose of transmitting more information, which does not mean agreeing with their views or confirming the authenticity of their contents

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