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Caterpillar president Du leqian: will continue to increase investment in China

caterpillar president Du leqian: will continue to increase investment in China

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Du leqian, who came to China for the 25th time, participated in the China development high level forum being held in Beijing for the first time as the president of caterpillar group. In a face-to-face conversation with the author at diaoyutaistateguesthouse on March 19, It is worth mentioning the theme of the forum "China and the world: economic transformation and structural reform", the role of the Chinese market in Caterpillar's global strategy and layout, the impact of President Trump's pressure on US enterprises to relocate their factories back to China on caterpillar's development in China, and how caterpillar will respond to possible changes And the "the Belt and Road" project that caterpillar has participated in or is ready to participate in, and elaborated their views and views one by one

Du leqian, President of caterpillar group, said, "caterpillar has always supported a series of development strategies adopted by the Chinese government. The reduction of area refers to the fracture of material samples under tensile load. We believe that these strategies are very important to achieve long-term and successful national development, especially the structural reform." He said, "Caterpillar's ideas are completely consistent with the ideas of the Chinese government. We also have a long-term commitment to China. We hope to achieve long-term success in China and develop together with China." He added: "we will continue to increase investment in China. This time, we came to the China development high level forum to understand what caterpillar can do to maximize our help for the implementation of these strategies of the Chinese government, whether from the perspective of environmental protection, or from the perspective of further promoting economic development, especially to see what we can do under the 'the Belt and Road' initiative."

speaking of President Trump's policy of manufacturing return, how will it affect caterpillar's influence in the world and China? Will the company's strategy change with Trump's policy

president Du leqian said frankly that caterpillar is a global company. We believe that the best way to do business is to realize our production as close as possible to our market and customers. We can better understand customers' needs and thoughts and help them achieve better success. And if we are close to the market, we can respond more quickly. Many of the machines and equipment we produce are large in size, and the transportation cost is quite expensive. Therefore, we will continue our manufacturing work in the United States, and we will also continue our manufacturing work in China

he emphasized: "Caterpillar is committed to very long-term development in China. We have been operating in China for 40 years, with more than 10000 employees, 27 production sites and 4 R & D centers. We design, develop and produce products locally in China, cultivate and develop local suppliers and cultivate local leaders. Therefore, we have a long-term vision and really build a business model in China. We are A long-term commitment. We are a global company. There is no doubt that the North American market is very important to us, and we will continue to expand in the North American market. Similarly, China is also a very important market for us, and we will continue to maintain as close a distance and relationship as possible with the Chinese market, Chinese customers and Chinese dealers. "

speaking of a fresh feeling of participating in this forum, President Du leqian said happily that in his speech in the morning, a guest described a beautiful picture in very vivid language: blue sky, green mountains, green water. We strongly support the initiatives and plans of the Chinese government in sustainable development and environmental protection. As an enterprise, caterpillar has made a lot of investment in engine emission technology to reduce engine emissions. If the Chinese government can take stronger efforts to implement laws and regulations on environmental protection, it means that all practitioners in the industry should implement more stringent technical requirements on environmental protection, which is good news for the industry. In the past four years, caterpillar has issued a sustainable development report every year specifically for the Chinese automotive industry when selecting automotive and parts materials. We are enthusiastic to discuss with our Chinese colleagues how to support some initiatives and policies of the Chinese government in sustainable development

for China's "the Belt and Road" strategy, what projects has caterpillar participated in or is ready to participate in the "the Belt and Road"

president Du leqian said: "First of all, caterpillar supports the Chinese government's' the Belt and Road 'initiative very much. We think this is very good news for China, China's economic development, the development of the region, and even for caterpillar's own development. In fact, we have closely cooperated with some large Chinese construction enterprises, and also participated in many' the Belt and Road 'projects. For example We have undertaken many large projects in Africa and South America with large Chinese construction enterprises. Caterpillar's participation in the work of the "the Belt and Road" has very good congenital conditions. First of all, we can produce such great yellow machines, which are the mechanical equipment of our project; Second, we have a very strong dealer network all over the world; We know that when Chinese engineering contractors go abroad to Africa or South America, they need very good local services. Our dealers all over these places can provide them with very good services in Chinese language, even Chinese people. Now caterpillar's global dealer network is ready to welcome large Chinese engineering contracting enterprises to expand their business in different places at any time. Therefore, our dealers in Africa, including China and the United States, should also be a very good advantage for us to actively participate in the "the Belt and Road."

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