Three questions about safety knowledge of the hott

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Three questions about safety knowledge of welding operation

1. What should welders pay attention to when welding

1. Prevent burns and fires caused by splashing metal

2. Prevent the harm of electric arc radiation to human body

3. Prevent some harmful gas poisoning

4. When welding pressure vessels, prevent welding explosion

5. When working at heights, wear safety belts and helmets

6. Pay attention to avoid electric shock accidents

2. What are the basic requirements for safety technology in manual arc welding

according to the welding position, manual arc welding can be divided into four categories: flat welding, vertical welding, horizontal welding and overhead welding. Manual arc welding has the following basic requirements in terms of safety technology:

1 The shell and workbench of the electric welding machine must be well grounded

2. The no-load electric preheating of the electric welding machine can also avoid the residual internal pressure of the plastic during extrusion due to sudden cooling. The pressure should be between 60~90v

3. The electric welding equipment should use the power knife switch with live fuse and should be installed in a closed box

4. Before using the welding machine, carefully check whether the insulation of its primary and secondary wires is complete and whether the wiring is well insulated

5. When the welding equipment is connected to the power circuit, the human body should not touch the live parts

6. When welding indoors or in the open air, a light barrier must be set around to prevent arc light from hurting the eyes of workers

7. Welders must be equipped with masks with appropriate filter plates, dry canvas overalls, gloves, rubber insulation, slag removal protective white light glasses and other safety appliances

8. The welding insulation cord shall not be less than 5m. During welding, the cord shall not be laid on the body, and the ground wire shall not be stepped on

9. It is strictly forbidden to weld while lifting components

10. After welding, the power knife switch shall be opened in time

3. What are the personal protective measures for welding

personal protection measures for welding operation mainly include personal protection for head, face, eyes, ears, respiratory tract, hands, body, etc. It mainly includes dust prevention, gas prevention, noise prevention, high-temperature radiation prevention, radiation prevention, mechanical trauma and dirt prevention, etc. In addition to wearing general protective equipment (such as work clothes, 5.54 billion yuan of income, gloves, glasses, masks, etc.) for welding operations, air respirators (for welding operations in closed containers and special workplaces where ventilation is difficult to be solved) can also be worn for special workplaces to prevent smoke hazards

for emergency repair and welding operations in highly toxic places, isolated oxygen respirators can be worn to prevent the occurrence of acute occupational poisoning accidents

in order to protect the welder's eyes from arc light, a mask with special protective lenses must be used during welding, and different types of filter lenses must be selected at the same time according to the strength of the welding current and the help of the manufacturer's technicians in emerging new fields such as information, biomedicine, energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection and intelligent transportation. At the same time, the eyesight of the welder and the brightness of the welding environment should also be considered

to prevent the welder's skin from being injured by electric arc, the welder should wear light colored or white canvas overalls. At the same time, the cuffs of work clothes should be tied tightly and the collar should be buttoned so that the skin is not exposed

as for the arc injury of auxiliary welding workers and other workers near the welding site, attention should be paid to mutual cooperation during work, and auxiliary workers should wear filters with moderate color depth. When electric welding is carried out in multi person operation or cross operation sites, protective measures shall be taken and protective shutters shall be set to prevent electric solitary light from hurting the eyes of welders and other operators

in addition, wash hands with running water and soap after contacting thorium tungsten rods, and pay attention to washing work clothes and gloves frequently. Wearing sound proof earmuffs or earplugs to protect against noise hazards are effective personal protective measures

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