DSM resin company launched new functional resin

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DSM resin company launched a new functional resin

DSM resin company recently launched a new Atlac xp810 resin based on the original heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant resin according to the requirements of the molding process. This new resin takes bisphenol A as the main chain, and its mechanical properties, temperature resistance and chemical resistance can be comparable with epoxy vinyl ester resin because the density of titanium alloy is much smaller than that of steel

the company said that due to the complex chemical structure of Atlac xp810, the repeatability of thickening effect is very good. Atlac xp810 liquid resin can be suitable for various molding conditions. In molded products with high fiber content, it has good impregnation performance, and its reactivity is significantly higher than other thickened vinyl ester resins. The production cycle can also be shortened by the tensile strength of cracks

DSM resin company said that the performance of this resin at high temperature is close to that of epoxy vinyl ester resin. After accelerated aging test, Atlac xp810 can retain 50% of the initial strength and modulus at 150 ℃. At 180 ℃, the high modulus composite products can still retain 80% of the bending modulus after 32 weeks

the company said that the ideal development and specific experimental field of DSM resin is the transportation department. The chemical resistance and high temperature tests show that the resin also has a certain market development prospect in the application of machine covers. Under the conditions of 140 ℃ gasoline, 100 ℃ coolant and 60 ℃ liquid, the bending modulus and bending strength of the resin can remain unchanged. After 50000 hours, it can still retain more than 80% of the bending modulus

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