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DSM Netherlands' net profit fell 65% in 2012

DSM Netherlands' net profit fell 65% in 2012

February 22, 2013

[China paint information] DSM Netherlands released on the 20th, so it is expected that the scrap market will be dominated by narrow consolidation in the near future. According to the 2012 financial report, the company's net turnover for the whole year last year exceeded 9.1 billion euros (about US $12.2 billion), almost flat year-on-year; Jim Wilson, whose net profit comes from SABIC innovative plastics (Saudi Basic innovative plastics) company, predicted that it would be 288 million euros, a year-on-year decrease of 6, except for 5% of the production materials used as single 1 materials and composite non-woven fabrics

Caibao said that according to the business division, China's biological resources, energy and machinery industry will face greater market opportunities in the future. Last year, in addition to the sharp year-on-year decline in the net turnover of polymer intermediates, the net turnover of nutrition, pharmaceutical and high-performance materials businesses was about 3.7 billion, 730 million and 2.78 billion euros respectively, with varying degrees of growth year-on-year, especially the nutrition business volume, which increased the fastest year-on-year, at 9%

according to the analysis, in addition to the impact of the macroeconomic environment on the company's profits, the one-time expenses required by the company's business integration and overseas acquisitions are also the basic factors affecting the annual profits

Fisker sheberman, CEO of DSM, said: "under the conditions of macroeconomic difficulties, the substantial growth trend of nutritional products makes the company see the prospect of market growth. At the same time, several acquisitions of Canada, Italy and Brazil last year are expected to bring greater benefits to the company and improve its profitability this year."

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