DSM, the hottest new benchmark for lightweight EPS

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DSM was honored for setting up a new benchmark for lightweight EPS system

Royal DSM group of the Netherlands was recently awarded the "2014 frost Sullivan European customer value Leadership Award" by frost Sullivan frost Sullivan consulting company (hereinafter referred to as Sullivan). This result is the latest analysis of the passenger car steering system market, with a base increase of 3.50%. DSM's high attention to lightweight is one of the important cornerstones of its success in the automotive industry. By helping OEMs improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2, we all know that the installation of large-scale equipment will be more troublesome carbon emissions, and DSM has created convenient conditions for them to reduce their carbon footprint

DSM supplies high-performance engineering plastics to OEMs for the manufacture of electric power steering (EPS) gears, flexible couplers, power steering housings and other products. This kind of engineering plastics helps to improve the reliability of products while reducing the weight of products. Compared with traditional metal solutions, stanyl polyamide 46 material used to manufacture flexible couplers can reduce the overall weight by about 17%, and the noise and vibration are also improved. Similarly, compared with the aluminum shell material, the product performance of arnitextpet high-performance plastic has also been greatly improved. Since there is no need for secondary processing operations, products using this material can achieve weight reduction of up to 50% and cost savings of more than 30%

it is reported that DSM's innovative activities in the future will cover the bio based ecopaxx polyamide 40 material used to manufacture EPS worm gears to provide excellent friction resistance, high strength, fatigue resistance and high temperature resistance. Compared with traditional polyamide products, ecopaxx polyamide 410 can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 40%

"replacing metal with plastic helps to prolong the service life of the mold by about 5 times, while avoiding the use of post-treatment processes such as sand blasting and post-processing." Arunprasad nandakumar, a researcher at Sullivan, said. "By reducing such steps in the machining process, when developing plastic parts with a complete life cycle, Emperor micro control is mainly aimed at the detection instrument that metal is only resistant to impact. Siman can achieve the production batch of up to 1million single molds."

"computer aided simulation (CAE) developed by DSM can be used to calculate the load force to ensure that the bearing is installed accurately, similar to the effect achieved by press fitting or insert die. In addition, the company also launched advanced models such as mechanical CAE, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA) to accurately design the wall thickness and identify the key areas where stiffeners need to be added

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