DSM promotes new environmentally friendly plastics

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DSM promotes a new type of environmentally friendly plastic with zero carbon footprint

as the name suggests, it can only be used for single-1 tensile experiments

dsm is currently promoting a new type of bioengineering plastic with innovative composite materials for the automotive, electrical and sports industries in the company's production center of about 5000 square meters, and claims that this plastic can achieve "zero carbon. It should make the jaws symmetrically clamp the sample footprint as required"

this plastic product polymerized from long-chain polyamide is designed as a product with high melting point, crystallization speed and low moisture absorption for some parts markets in the automotive and electronic markets

in addition, in order to achieve a zero carbon footprint, DSM used a polymer composed of 70% natural castor oil to produce this new ecopaxx product

The head of DSM's Engineering Plastics Department said that combining DSM's unique knowledge and natural products, customers' use of our produced and timely reinforcement products is a step towards sustainable development

earlier this month, DSM introduced their new uvolove coating solution, saying that this product produces less flavor and volatile substances

about carbon footprint: it indicates the "carbon consumption" of a person or group. "Carbon" refers to natural resources composed of carbon elements such as oil, coal and wood. More "carbon" is consumed, and more "carbon dioxide" is produced, which is the culprit of global warming. The "carbon footprint" is large, whereas the "carbon footprint" is small

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