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Duluxpro paint, which was exposed to be unqualified, is still sold in Taizhou City

it is said that the decoration market is as deep as water, and a single wall paint makes consumers "see flowers in the fog". Recently, according to media reports, on March 14, the Administration for Industry and Commerce of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region announced the quality monitoring announcement of paints, coatings and adhesives in the circulation field, and it was revealed that paint and coating brands such as Dulux and garberry failed the sampling inspection

Dulux has always been the representative of high quality in the paint industry. This time, it is trapped in the "quality gate", which makes many consumers start to worry about the quality of "foreign brand" paint. However, it was found on April 9 that Dulux paint was still on sale in Taizhou

according to the announcement released by the official website of the Administration for Industry and Commerce of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, duluxi white emulsion paint with the specification and model of 16 liters/barrel, produced by AkzoNobel Swire paint Co., Ltd. to extend the service life of parts and components, does not meet the relevant standards, and the unqualified item is washability

this quality inspection announcement also explains the unqualified items, and points out that the washability is an important indicator to measure the quality of coatings. The higher the washing and brushing times, the more base materials contained in the coating, and the better the physical properties of the coating. The washability of the paint should be moderate. If it is too low, it is easy to damage the film. If it is too high, it will increase the cost of the paint and increase the economic burden of consumers

on April 9, I saw a 16 liter/barrel of easy-to-use white emulsion paint for sale in the duluxpro store located in Donghuan Avenue, Taizhou Economic Development Zone. The staff in the store said that the exposed Dulux brand Jieyi white emulsion paint is a low-end product, which is called engineering paint in the industry, and has a very small market share. At present, when Ping An valve was not properly conditioned, the store had not received the notice of the head office to remove the product from the shelves

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