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Dunes, a Middle East packaging expert, has won a large order in Europe and the United States

dunes, a special packaging design and brand agent in the Middle East, successfully predicted that with the deepening of people's understanding of the importance of local characteristic packaging product design, there will be more and more demand for good packaging design, which will promote the Middle East to gradually develop into a packaging design center in the world

Clive Howard, general manager of dunes, said: in the Middle East, processors cultivate a batch of national and provincial enterprise technology centers and provincial key enterprise research institutes, and will choose some designs that are in line with the local flavor to meet the special needs of the local market. The products appearing in the Middle East market are no different from those in the European and American markets in terms of function or technology. However, in the same language and working environment, the products in the Middle East region have obvious advantages, especially geographical advantages. With the continuous development of the packaging market in the Middle East, we believe that more companies will not only provide products that conform to the habits of the European market, but also provide the most personalized product packaging that conforms to the Middle East market

Since its establishment in 1985, dunes has designed outer packaging for products of Nestle, Pepsi and almarai. In 2009, dunes participated in the Gulf pack for the first time, with the purpose of enhancing the company's image and expanding the services of processors, suppliers and end customers in the Middle East, North Africa and other regions that need to replace new belts, including the islands and coastal countries in the east of the China Sea and the Indian subcontinent

with the increasing requirements of various industries for film blowing machines, FMCG suppliers in the eastern region hope to improve product quality as soon as possible and increase the packaging depth of products. These demands will create more business opportunities for professional and international packaging design service providers. Mr Howard added

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