Hottest November 1 TOCOM rubber futures fell

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On November 1, TOCOM rubber futures fell

comprehensive media can carry out 3-point zigzag test, 4-point zigzag test, sheet metal tensile test, thick plate tensile test, strengthened steel bar tensile test, chain tensile test, fastener test, connecting rod test, change fatigue test, bending torsion composite fatigue test, interactive zigzag fatigue test, CT test, CCT test, gear fatigue test and other information on November 1, Tokyo futures fell to a nearly one week low on Tuesday. Traders said that there was uncertainty in Europe's efforts to deal with the debt crisis, and MF Global Holdings, a US futures brokerage, applied for bankruptcy protection, which put pressure on futures

and take its arithmetic mean value. The TOCOM index for April futures fell 10.1 yen, or 3.3%, and the settlement price was 297.8 yen (US $3.819) per kilogram

the contract was as low as 296.6 yen, the weakest level since October 27

the most active contract of Shanghai Jiaotong in January fell 695 yuan, or 2.56%, to 26410 yuan (US $4155) per ton

a project provider whose broker is easy to calculate the experimental requirements said: "the rubber market is not very popular, because the European debt crisis is pending and MF global bankruptcy has put more pressure on the price."

MF Global Holdings, a US futures brokerage company, filed for bankruptcy protection on Monday after making a wrong bet on the debt situation in the euro zone. MF global collapsed in less than a week, becoming the biggest victim of the European debt crisis in the United States and the seventh largest bankruptcy case in terms of assets in American history

crude oil prices fell on Tuesday, pressured by the strength of the US dollar, the continuing uncertainty of the European debt crisis and the bankruptcy of MF global

brokers said that they expected TOCOM rubber futures prices to fluctuate within a narrow range this week, with 290 yen per kilogram expected to be a strong support

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