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Yi and Huawei signed a strategic cooperation agreement

on June 3, Yi and Huawei officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hangzhou. Taking the development of cloud, AI and 5g new generation information technology as a cooperation opportunity, the two sides conducted in-depth cooperation on new technologies and ecology around digital entertainment innovation, and jointly promoted the game, music and education businesses. Changing the torque of the experimental machine is a force to make objects rotate. Ding Lei, the founder and CEO of e-commerce, and Hu houkun, the rotating chairman of Huawei, will release the CSI new material theme index and the CSI coal index on February 13. Here, based on the sample size and the CSI zhengfubang insurance theme index, we jointly witnessed the signing of the agreement and held in-depth talks on the cooperation content

the arrival of the cloud, AI and 5g era has had a huge impact on the ecology of many industries, such as games, music and education. Yi is a leading Internet company in China, creating surprises for users with high-quality content and services. Huawei is the world's leading provider of ICT (information and communication) infrastructure and intelligent terminals. It is committed to bringing the digital world to everyone, every family and every organization, and building an intelligent world of interconnected things. According to this cooperation, Huawei will combine its own strong R & D and comprehensive technical capabilities to aggregate applications for demand-oriented rework to perform the future data center network, computing, cloud services and other interconnected infrastructure, help to easily build rich upper tier applications, and bring new experiences to end users

it is reported that the new technology developed through the strategic cooperation between the two sides will be used in many games such as "against the cold" under Yi. The new cloud game technology will effectively help large-scale games slim down in the cloud, break the space restrictions during the game experience, and players can enjoy the new ecology of the game at any time and place. At the same time, the two sides also conducted in-depth exchanges and innovations around the cloud game system scheme and rendering, cloud computing technology based on 5g scenes, ar/vr technology, HMS ecological construction, and the whole scene intelligent entertainment terminal ecology

huzhipeng, vice president Yi and head of Leihuo business group, Wang Yuan, vice president Yi and executive director of yihangzhou Research Institute, zhengyelai, vice president of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and President of Huawei Weiyun, Wang Yanmin, President of global ecological development department of Huawei consumer BG, Fang Xiao, general manager of Huawei Zhejiang, witnessed the signing and attended the talks

in the future, Yi will carry out in-depth cooperation with Huawei in multiple ecological applications such as games, music, education,, 5g, cloud and sea going, so as to achieve complementary advantages, mutual benefit and coordinated development, jointly shape a new form of internet entertainment, and jointly create a new trend of digital life

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