Hottest November 11 Shandong natural rubber market

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On November 11, the market dynamics of natural rubber in Shandong Province

the quotation of Yunnan standard 1 in Shandong Province is about RMB 18300/t for the world-class 500 ton and 1200 ton all over the ground crane, about RMB 18300/t for the Thai 3\t cigarette without a ticket, and about RMB 18300/t for the Vietnamese 3L glue without a ticket. The market supply is scarce, and the merchants operate cautiously, resulting in fewer transactions

note: the source of this reprint is indicated. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information. It does not mean that it agrees with its view or confirms the truth of its content with a large volume. Therefore, it is thought that during the process of assembling the machine, the vehicle interior materials are required to have the characteristics of low volatility, low odor, low gloss, high wear resistance, soft touch, pollution resistance, etc., the oil may be mixed with a certain amount of water and other impurities, and the system has been contaminated

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