Comfortable wardrobe varies from person to person

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When customizing the wardrobe, perhaps we first consider the style and practicality of the wardrobe, thus ignoring some small details. In fact, the wardrobe also needs to vary from person to person in order to be beneficial to use and bring more convenience to life

when families with more members choose wardrobes, they can classify them according to different users

the wardrobe in the bedroom of the elderly should not be too high. Even if the height of the wardrobe itself cannot be changed, it should also be adjusted in its internal space as far as possible, because the elderly are not suitable to climb up and down, so the laminate on the top floor should not be too high to facilitate the elderly to take things. The elderly are not suitable for bending down. Too much squatting or bending down will increase the risk. The height of the drawer can be adjusted appropriately, and the middle form is more suitable for the elderly

the chest in the children's bedroom should also design the drawer higher to prevent children from being pinched when pulling. In addition, don't design the laminate too low to prevent children from climbing from the laminate and falling. If the children are large, the drawer can be placed as low as possible to facilitate the retrieval, or more room without door can be reserved at the lower part to place toys and other items that children often use

the wardrobe in the adult bedroom should increase the space for clothes hanging, so as to facilitate the placement of frequently changed clothes. In addition, adding some boxes that are convenient for storing socks, ties, underwear, scarves and other items will make the internal space appear orderly and convenient for daily use

what is suitable is the best. Comfortable wardrobe, design close to life, practical and beautiful





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