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Looking for "guerrillas" for decoration must be much cheaper than large companies; The construction team is recommended by acquaintances, which must be better; Small markets are cheap to rent, and materials must be cheaper than large shopping malls; It's popular on the Internet, and the effect should be good... For you who are preparing to decorate, do you agree with this idea? If you don't agree, Congratulations, you are very rational, and the probability of being cheated is relatively low. If you say yes, I suggest you take a good look at our article, maybe you can avoid some wrongs

misunderstanding 1

guerrillas must be cheap.

"to decorate, which decoration company to choose? Alas, big brands are too expensive, so choose 'guerrillas'. Although the security is poor, it's cheap." With this idea in mind, many owners directly choose "guerrillas", and some even throw their arms at "guerrillas" after consulting brand companies. But are the "guerrillas" really as cheap as they think

after comparing several quotations, the reporter found that the quotation of some "guerrilla" projects is much higher than that of some brand companies, and the average total project cost is also equivalent to that of brand decoration companies. If there is a problem in the decoration, and someone is hired to repair and redecorate, the actual cost will be more. This newspaper has exposed such complaints. Ms. Yang, the reader, visited three brand companies and chose guerrillas for the project price of 23000 yuan. Unexpectedly, there were a lot of engineering problems, fake materials and no after-sales service. As for another Ms. Lu, due to the potential safety hazards of hydropower, the demolition cost and reinstallation cost are expected to reach more than 11000 yuan, excluding the paid project fund of 20000 yuan, and the total price is twice the original budget

from this point of view, guerrillas are not necessarily cheaper than brand decoration companies in terms of price alone; From the perspective of after-sales and quality service in the later stage, the cost performance of guerrillas is far lower than that of brand decoration companies. On the whole, whether to take advantage of the "advantage" of guerrillas still needs to be considered

misunderstanding 2

high qualification = good quality

"we are subordinate units of large groups, and we are all first-class qualified. Those brand home decoration companies you mentioned are only second-class qualified." Some decoration companies or construction teams will introduce themselves to owners in this way, and many owners will also think that companies with first-class qualifications are indeed better than those with second-class qualifications. But in fact, it is not correct to choose decoration companies only by qualification. In other words, these companies or construction teams may not really be subordinate units of large groups

according to the "qualification certificate of construction enterprises" established by the Beijing Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development (please note that the main body is construction enterprises, and the home decoration enterprises are not separately defined), most of the current brand home decoration companies are "grade II professional contracting qualification of Building Decoration Engineering". However, some decoration companies subordinate to large groups, such as "China Railway Construction Engineering Group Beijing Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd." are generally qualified for "grade I professional contracting of Building Decoration Engineering". In terms of qualification, these companies with first-class qualification are higher than those with second-class qualification in the number and level of cost engineers and the cost of undertaking tooling projects. But most of these enterprises do large-scale tooling projects, and basically do not participate in a single home decoration project. Is the cost too high

because of this, some enterprises have found "opportunities". They take advantage of the owners' trust in "first-class qualification" and "large group" mentality, climb up relatives with large groups in the way of affiliation, and use "others' first-class qualification" to stand up for themselves. Therefore, we suggest that you see decoration companies and construction teams with the banner of "first-class qualification" and "large group". You'd better put a question mark first to see whether it really belongs to a large group

otherwise, if the so-called parent company says "we don't have this unit", you can only knock out your teeth and swallow blood. It is suggested that the owners must verify in the early stage of choosing, do not blindly believe in the first-class qualification, and learn more about the units under large groups. Even if it is true, the company's reputation in the home decoration market must also be paid attention to

misunderstanding 3

there is a guarantee when there is a contract

choose a small decoration company or guerrilla. Although many owners are nervous, they feel relieved when they think of signing a contract with them: "they have signed a contract, which should be very guaranteed. In case of any problems, they can also be investigated for legal responsibility." With such a "simple" idea, many owners have relaxed their vigilance

is there a guarantee if there is a contract? Not really. According to a number of readers interviewed by our reporter who complained about this, the contract they signed was not the version of the "Beijing family room decoration project construction contract" published by the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce in 2003 and revised in 2004, but was drafted by the construction team or small companies. Some terms are similar to the model, while others are detrimental to the owners

if a self signed contract is the expression of the true intention of both parties and there is no obvious unfairness, it can indeed be protected by the contract law and has corresponding legal effect. However, if small companies or guerrillas do not pay attention to reputation, in case of quality problems or accidents, it is too difficult for the owners to investigate their responsibilities or realize their rights and interests: they may not find the relevant responsible person, so there will be no compensation for the losses. Such a contract has no practical significance of protection

in addition, there are cases where the contract is a model and the official seal is fake, which involves civil fraud, and it is more difficult for the owner to find someone to bear the responsibility. In comparison, large companies with fixed stores have high illegal costs, and the contracts signed with them are more secure

misunderstanding 4

small market materials are cheap

at present, some so-called "warehouse stores" far away from the urban area will also sell building materials products. Some owners believe that this kind of store in the suburbs is cheaper than the building materials market in the center of the city, and the materials there are certainly cheaper than brand building materials in the city. So, without going to the city building materials market to investigate, I went to the small market to buy a pile of materials

it is possible that the rent of shops in suburban districts and counties is lower than that in the city. It is also possible that the price of materials is lower than the market price in the city center, but is it true that it is cheap? It's another matter

perhaps, the products in the suburban stores are cheaper than those in the city center building materials, because the brands of goods they enter are different. City stores are medium and high-end brands, while suburban stores may only have medium and low-end brands. Their product positioning is different, and the price system is certainly different. If there is no comparable product of the same brand, how can we explain that its price is really cheaper? 2、 Even for products of the same brand, because the current building materials market adopts the dealer agency system, the price of taking goods will be higher than the first level, and the scale of suburban stores is relatively small. It is likely that it is the agent of lower level agents. The price of taking goods itself is higher than that of agents in urban stores. If its price is cheaper than that of urban stores, the authenticity of its products needs to be verified, and the risk borne by owners is relatively high, It is recommended to operate with caution

misunderstanding 5

acquaintances can't recommend wrong

many owners have such experience: when they are about to decorate, they will take the initiative to ask neighbors, relatives and friends for advice to see if they have some experience and good decoration company recommendations; At the same time, relatives and friends will actively recommend to themselves: "the company or construction team I decorated at that time is not bad, you can also choose to have a look."

good decoration experience and decoration companies can certainly be shared. Friends feel that the decoration company or construction team they have decorated is good. Of course, there are reasons, such as meticulous workmanship, responsible workers, brilliant design and so on. Friends have proved that some things can't be wrong with their own experience, but whether these are suitable for their own family needs to be carefully screened. Because everyone's character and requirements, price and their own decoration needs are different. If a friend's character is careless, he may think it's generally very good; If you have high requirements, what your friends recommend will not be suitable for you. In these aspects, whether it is necessary to choose companies and construction teams recommended by acquaintances still needs careful consideration

misunderstanding 6

online popularity must be good

some companies or "experts" are very active on the Internet. What professional hydropower transformation company has a history of more than ten years, what company is large-scale, has received many orders, has received many awards, and what many netizens have expressed praise, etc. online popularity is quite high. Many owners have seen that the website is designed in an atmosphere and has a model. Moreover, so many people are in pursuit of it. There is nothing wrong with it, so they can choose it with confidence

it is undeniable that some companies that are popular on the Internet do have their own advantages. However, behind the popularity on the Internet, many companies are grass-roots teams, which do not have relevant qualifications or fixed business places. Once "evaporated", it is difficult for consumers to safeguard their rights and interests

according to some hydropower transformation companies that our reporter once visited and investigated, many companies do not have fixed business premises or relevant business qualifications. This newspaper has also exposed a company whose many awards cannot be confirmed, and its so-called qualifications are not recognized by the Construction Committee. Now, almost all companies have websites, but do you believe them? Or that sentence: learn more before choosing. The more you don't know about decoration, the more you should find a guaranteed company. Otherwise, regret is normal, and it's lucky to pass the customs smoothly

misunderstanding 7

spending more money is perfect

many owners think that if they choose a brand decoration company, they spend more on decoration and buy brand materials, the whole home decoration and the final result should be perfect without any defects. Therefore, when they saw the cracks in the wall paint and the shrinkage seams in the floor, they could not help crying out that they were deceived, and thus lost their trust in the selected brand

it needs to be clear that some wall paint cracks cannot be ruled out because workers cannot grasp it well when painting, and floor shrinkage joints are caused by product quality. However, no matter how well the home decoration project is done, some negative changes will still exist, including cracks or cracks in the corners of the room, the internal and external corners of the wall, the combination of ceiling and wall, background wall and wall and other different materials; After winter, some wooden doors will fail to close and open automatically; Some floors will shrink and crack, and some solid wood floors will crack... These problems are most likely to occur in the first year after decoration. Many of them occur normally with the changes of season, natural climate, indoor temperature difference and humidity. They are related to the characteristics of the material itself, and are not caused by the quality problems of the decoration company. They can return to normal after a little repair after the environment is stable. Therefore, it is recommended that you learn and master relevant basic knowledge, and maintain a "normal heart"




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