The fourth ODEC dealer conference was held grandly

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Eleven years of brand precipitation has won numerous praises for odic. Accurate market positioning, innovative research and development concepts, in line with the times and big data, have created the industry leader odic. In the era of home customization, odic is fully open

on July 6, 2014, the fourth odic door and window dealers' conference and the signing ceremony of spokesman Gong Jinjie with the theme of "self customization and leading China" was held grandly in Country Garden Phoenix International Hotel, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province. All senior executives of Odic, representatives of Guangdong door association, media representatives such as Huiya media and more than 200 dealers from all over the country attended the event, The prologue of the fourth ODEC dealer conference was opened

off-site glance

brilliant for 11 years, creating the industry leader

"odic doors and windows" was founded in 2003. It is China's first enterprise committed to developing the customization of high-end titanium magnesium aluminum alloy doors and windows, integrating R & D, production, sales and service. After 11 years of spring and autumn, "odic doors and windows" has become a leading brand in the industry. With its most complete product series, the most patents, the highest quality and the best service, it has won the respect of the industry and has been highly praised by consumers

odic group currently has three largest production bases in the industry, covering an area of 80000 square meters and employing more than 800 people. In 2014, the company acquired 100000 square meters of Odic modern industrial park, which is now under planning and is planned to be fully put into operation in 2016. In 2007, "odic doors and windows" introduced the country's first Italian fully automatic insulating glass production line, Italian flying curtain doors and windows equipment and German haifuna automatic production line, which integrates with the international market with leading Chinese production technology to ensure product quality and brand reputation

over the past 11 years, odic people's unremitting efforts have won countless honors for "odic doors and windows". The series of products sell well in the north and south of the river, covering more than 30 countries and regions in Europe and the United States. It has been rated as one of the "top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows" for eight consecutive years, and has won more than 50 awards, including "China's famous brand", "preferred products for green environmental protection", "GMC China high quality manufacturer", "China's good doors and windows", "recommended products for engineering construction in China". At present, the flagship stores of "odic doors and windows" are located in more than 500 cities across the country, radiating more than 800 franchised stores

the dealers who lined up to sign in

signed the world bicycle champion and opened a new era of customization

on the morning of July 6, with a youthful opening dance, the signing ceremony of Odic spokesperson Gong Jinjie officially began. Mr. lenghongxi, chairman of Odic, first came to the stage to deliver a speech, explaining odic's leading custom home model for us with accurate data and detailed information. Subsequently, the representative of Guangdong door industry association took the stage to make a speech, which explained the current trends and future development prospects of the wood door industry and even the home furnishing industry in simple terms from the reality. Then, the media representative Qin Jinjiang, general manager of Huiya media, made a speech on the stage, bringing nutritional dry goods in home e-commerce, terminal sales and other aspects to dealers

after odic designers came on the stage, they started from a professional point of view to let the guests feel the beauty brought by the design and the great significance to the terminal sales of household products. Followed by the speech "believe in the power of brand" by Mr. an, a brand consultant of ODEC, the concept of building a brand and making a famous brand deeply infected the guests on site

after a passionate welcome ceremony, the world cycling champion came on stage with a handsome appearance and thunderous applause. In the lively atmosphere at the scene, Gong Jinjie and Leng Hongxi, chairman of Odic, exchanged fingerprints and completed the signing ceremony. The fourth ODEC dealer conference and the signing ceremony of the spokesperson officially came to an end, and the new era of ODEC customized doors and windows was officially opened, making their own customization and leading China

dynamic opening dance

cold Hongxi, chairman of ODEC

representative of Guangdong door association

Qin Jinjiang, sales director of Huiya media

chief designer of ODEC

teacher an, brand consultant of ODEC

from step by step to self customization, ODEC has made a new leap

it is reported that the fourth ODEC dealer conference takes the signing ceremony of the world bicycle champion as the starting point, and subsequent activities include marketing practical training New product training, new software application training, network promotion training, experience sharing, exhibition hall visit and other links, strive to make dealers absorb more knowledge about industry, brand, sales and other aspects in a short time

the theme of last year's dealer conference was "win step by step". This year, odic will continue to have a long-term vision, take the overall customization of home as the guide, and also implement the help and service to dealers, truly serve dealers, brand development, and achieve a new leap in brand development

world cycling champion Gong Jinjie made a brilliant debut

signing ceremony

group photo of people and Champions

holding hands with the Internet and going to the great future

chairman Leng Hongxi of Odic was interviewed by Huiya media

Huiya media home hot line, one of the representatives of the Pan home industry, was also invited to participate in the grand meeting, and after the meeting, it was lucky to interview chairman Leng Hongxi of Odic and representatives of dealers from all over the country

in the interview, Mr. Leng said that he was optimistic about the development prospects of the overall home and home e-commerce. In the future, odic will also focus on customized home. As for the declining home exhibition, Mr. Leng said that in the future, odic will take the Internet as its foothold, take advantage of the power of big data, and attract more high-quality dealers for the odic brand, so that odic can truly lead the country

when interviewed by Huiya media, the dealer representatives felt deeply about this dealer conference. The signing of the world champion by odic strengthened their confidence in odic. They will also continue to work hard to make odic bigger and make customized furniture go further

excellent dealer representatives from all over the country were interviewed by Huiya media

eleven years of brand precipitation has won numerous praises for odic. Accurate market positioning, innovative research and development concepts, in line with the times and big data, have created the industry leader odic. In the era of home customization, odic is fully open




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